Corrective Acne Treatment

We have developed specialized regimens for treating acne on each skin type. Each regimen was handcrafted by our skin care specialists to identify the problem areas that people with these skin type often encounter, target these problems with a blend of time-tested and powerful solutions devised by Mira herself years and years ago, and then eliminate the problem. The result? Beautiful, clear, and radiant skin – just like many of our clients. It’s that easy. It’s your turn, now. Learn how and why our regimens work – now find out what they entail, and take your first step toward amazing skin. Start acne treatment today!

How To Get Rid of Acne – learn about your skin type and why it is so essential to our personalized acne treatment system
Regimen for Oily Skin – how to control acne for those with oily skin
Regimen for Combination Skin – how to fight acne for people with combination skin
Regimen for Dry Skin – getting rid of acne when you have dry skin
Personalized Acne Treatment Consultations – our regimens work wonders, but nothing beats a personalized acne consultation to build a customized acne treatment program
How to Control Acne Breakouts – general tips for controlling acne breakouts and keeping your face clear year-round
Common Acne Treatment Mistakes – find out what types of mistakes people frequently make in their quests to conquer acne